This document elucidates the legal guidelines and terms of engagement when you avail of the marketing services provided by Rocket Digital Marketing.

Website Usage and Service Engagement

  1. Site Navigation Guidelines
    • Visitors are expected to respect and adhere to all terms and conditions while navigating our website.
  2. Advertisement Conduct and Standards
    • Advertisers and collaborators are required to follow our specific standards and policies which uphold the integrity and reputation of Rocket Digital Marketing.
  3. Policies on Intellectual Property Protection
    • Rocket Digital Marketing respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects the same from its users, collaborators, and partners.

Procurement of Our Marketing Services

The following terms are pivotal when engaging in business or procuring digital solutions from Rocket Digital Marketing:

Rocket Digital Marketing Services Terms and Conditions


Rocket Digital Marketing, incorporated in Phoenix, AZ, operates from 3920 E Thomas Rd # 15784
Phoenix, AZ 85018-9998. For queries or correspondence, please email us at

We manage diverse digital platforms, prominently highlighting the services we extend to businesses.

When you engage with Rocket Digital Marketing, you are inherently agreeing to our terms and conditions which cover:

  1. Service Offerings: These include but are not limited to Rocket Smart Platforms, Digital Campaigns, Online Interactions, User Feedback Analysis, Digital Footprint Enhancement, Business Listings, and Online Reputation Management.
  2. Engagement Framework:
    • General Terms: These consist of overarching conditions applicable to all services.
    • Service Specific Terms: Distinct clauses or guidelines specific to each service or solution we provide.
    • Supplementary Terms: Any other pertinent regulations or documents which are inherently part of our engagement contract.

As we strive for improvement, our services and engagement terms might undergo periodic revisions. Kindly refer to section 6 for detailed insights into possible amendments.

On finalizing a service engagement with us, both parties are bound by the outlined terms. Prior to entering any agreement or procuring any service, clients are advised to thoroughly review and understand these terms.

Acceptance of our terms is mandatory for availing of our services. We recommend retaining a physical or digital copy of this policy for ease of reference and future engagements.

Rocket Digital Marketing General Terms for Marketing Services

  1. Definitions Whenever the terms with initial capital letters are used within the Terms, they have the meanings stipulated below:
    • “Agreement” refers to the Order Confirmation, the Service Pricing, and the Terms.
    • “Beta Services” is defined in paragraph 14(a).
    • “Order Confirmation” refers to any document, webpage, or electronic communication, including email, we send to you to verify our approval of your Order.
    • “Content” encompasses all forms of text, graphics, visuals, and audio content including codes, images, photos, sounds, music, videos, animations, trademarks, data, and other materials.
    • “Domain Name” denotes an Internet domain name registered with a Registry.
    • “Effective Date” is outlined in paragraph 3(a).
    • “Event Outside Our Control” encompasses occurrences beyond our reasonable influence, like strikes, natural calamities, wars, terrorist attacks, network failures, etc.
    • “Fees” refers to the amounts you need to pay for the Services, as depicted in the Service Pricing.
    • “Free Services” is defined in paragraph 15(a).
    • “ICANN” stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.
    • “Intellectual Property Rights” cover all copyrights, trademarks, patents, design rights, database rights, trade secrets, and other related rights worldwide.
    • “Laws” signifies applicable federal, state, and local rules, orders, codes, or other requirements.
    • “Minimum Term” is described in paragraph 3(b).
    • “Monthly Budget” refers to the monthly allocation for the Services, which you may choose and is detailed in the Service Pricing.
    • “Order” denotes your request for the Services, typically placed via our electronic portal or telephonic sales channel.
    • “Our Content” encompasses all content we create or use related to the Services, even content we curate on your behalf or procure from third parties.
    • “Our Data” covers all data related to the Services or their utilization by you or others, excluding "Your Data."
    • “Our Representatives” denotes our affiliated entities and our representatives, partners, contractors, service providers, licensors, etc.
    • “Our Websites” formerly referred to as and, which can be replaced or updated over time.
    • “Personal Data” relates to data that can be associated with a specific individual.
    • “Register” signifies a Domain Name register maintained by a Registry.
    • “Registry” pertains to any Domain Name registry or registrar regulated by ICANN’s rules.
    • “Service Description” is the detailed explanation of a Service we periodically provide.
    • “Service Month” is defined in paragraph 3(b).
    • “Service Pricing” pertains to the cost details for a Service that we periodically share.
    • “Solutions” is defined within the Service Terms for Solutions.
    • “Start Date” is defined in paragraph 3(b).
    • “User Content” refers to any content generated or shared by third-party users of the Services you opt for.
    • “You” signifies both the person signing the Agreement and the entity they represent; “Your” and “your” should be interpreted likewise.
    • “Your Content” covers all content you, your employees, or agents create or use related to the Services.
    • “Your Data” includes data you provide us or allow us to access, excluding "Our Data."
    • “Your Taxes” encompasses all taxes linked with advertisements or sales through the Services.

Creating the Agreement between You and Rocket Digital Marketing

(a) The agreement between you and Rocket Digital Marketing is established when you submit your request and we respond with an Order Confirmation.

(b) We only accept your request when we dispatch an Order Confirmation to you. Upon sending the Order Confirmation, our mutual agreement is officially formed. If you've requested our services via our phone sales representatives and received our Order Confirmation, you maintain the right to cancel as outlined in section 21(b).

(c) If we can't provide a specific service, perhaps due to its unavailability, we'll notify you via email, and won't proceed with your request. Any payments made for such services will be fully refunded promptly.

(d) Several of our services offer the flexibility to switch to a different tier or version. Should you wish to shift the version of a service you’ve acquired from us, follow the guidance within the respective Service Terms. The same applies if you're transitioning from a complimentary service to a paid version. Note, however, that this flexibility isn’t available for every service. We aim to implement your changes swiftly, but it might only be feasible at the commencement of an upcoming Service Month.

(e) If any sections of the Agreement conflict with others, the following precedence order will be observed: (i) Order Confirmation; (ii) Service Pricing; (iii) Service Terms; (iv) General Terms; and (v) Supplementary Terms.

(f) Within the General Terms and Service Terms, all references to specific sections refer to those within their respective documents unless stated otherwise.

Duration of Agreement (a) The agreement initiates on the day we dispatch the Order Confirmation (“Commencement Date”).

  • The Service Terms and Order Confirmation indicate if there's a fixed term for a service (“Fixed Duration”). This period starts on the day your digital services are activated (“Activation Date”). Following the Fixed Duration, the services will renew on a monthly cycle unless otherwise stated in the Service Terms or until terminated by either party. If there's no Fixed Duration, your services kick off on the Activation Date and renew monthly until terminated by either party. Each monthly cycle is termed a “Service Month”. For instance, if services start on January 5, the initial Service Month spans from January 5 to February 4.

Services by Rocket Digital Marketing (a) In exchange for the specified Fees, we'll grant you access to the services you've purchased.

  • Upon or shortly after the Commencement Date, you're expected to supply Rocket Digital Marketing with Your Content, Your Data, and any additional relevant details. Also, you must engage in a consultation with a Rocket Digital Marketing Consultant.
    We reserve the right to modify the presentation or structure of Your Content to deliver our services.
  • Some of our services are dependent on external parties, such as Google or Facebook. Please be aware that: (i) specific service features might be inaccessible if you don’t meet the requirements set by these third parties; (ii) we don’t dictate or influence these third-party services; (iii) third-party services can change or terminate unexpectedly. Any repercussions from such unforeseen changes aren't our responsibility.
  • Several services allow integration with external tools or content. Should you utilize these, you're agreeing to adhere to the terms set by the relevant third parties. Rocket Digital Marketing isn't liable for any discrepancies or issues arising from these third-party tools.
  • If a service involves creating or managing a profile on an external platform, you acknowledge that: (i) we have permission to create and handle this profile for you; (ii) we can control and modify the content on this profile.
  • Some services may require us to act on your behalf, like moving your domain to another host. You recognize and accept that: (i) we can act on your behalf; (ii) we'll manage any relevant accounts; (iii) you remain responsible for your engagements with third-party providers.

5. Customer Assistance

Our support team can be reached at 888-428-0722 from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) between 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Central Time and on Saturdays (excluding public holidays) from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Central Time. You can also reach out through the contact information provided on Rocket Digital Marketing's website or in our communications.

When reaching out to you, we may use email, phone, or mail. You consent to us contacting you on any phone number you've provided.

Adjustments to Services, Costing, or Conditions (a) We continually refine our services and might modify or halt certain offerings. Changes can arise for legal reasons, technological advancements, or other factors. Post the Fixed Duration, we may also revise our pricing. Significant changes in services or pricing will be communicated to you via your customer dashboard, email, or mail.

Any amendments to the terms, services, or pricing become effective 14 days after notification or on a later specified date. If you disagree with the changes, you can follow the cancellation procedure in section 21(a). If no action is taken on your end, we'll assume your agreement with the modifications.

7. Website Usage

  • Your interaction with our websites is subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy available at our website footer. Please review them.
  • We reserve the right to probe any suspicious online activity or order you make. Cooperate with any related inquiries.

8. Pricing & Budgets

  • We charge for services either as Fees or Monthly Budgets. The cost details are in the Service Pricing.
  • We might check your credit score and may share relevant personal data with credit agencies.
    • Fees
      • Defined in your Order Confirmation.
      • Can be one-time, recurring, transactional, or other types.
      • Sales and other taxes are extra.
    • Monthly Budget
      • Covers our service charges.
      • We serve up to the Monthly Budget limit. Unused budget rolls over. If a service is terminated, the remaining amounts cover administrative costs and any balance is refunded.
      • We determine CPC or CPM counts. We aim to meet set targets, but they're not assured.
      • Sales and other taxes are extra.

9. Payment

  • Provide valid credit card or bank account details when ordering.
  • Keep payment information current. We're authorized to charge any owed sums.
  • Payment is due when specified. Late payments attract interest and potential service suspension.

10. Service Access & Security

  • Services might have errors or downtimes. Disruptions are possible but we'll strive to minimize them.
  • Report any service anomalies.
  • We can pause services for maintenance, security, or third-party mandates.
  • Online data is not completely secure. You're responsible for safeguarding your content and data.

11. Service Use Guidelines

  • Use services for regular business. Reselling or transferring rights is prohibited.
  • You're responsible for internet access and relevant equipment.
  • Comply with all local and international laws, especially related to online marketing.
  • Abide by third-party regulations, like those of Google or Facebook.
  • Excessive usage could lead to suspension. Usage limits might be set.
  • Safeguard provided access credentials and notified us of any security breaches.
  • Manage your taxes. Consult tax professionals as needed.
  • We don't endorse the products/services you offer using our services.
  • Attend to service maintenance as needed.
  • You bear responsibility for any service used by your team. We're not liable for losses due to your actions.
  • Users can rate and review you; these might be public.
  • Extended inactivity may lead to automatic sign-outs. We can adjust user settings without notification.

12. Domain Names

(a) The Registry might decline domain applications based on their criteria. We can't promise the success of any domain applications made for you. (b) If your desired domain isn't available, we'll suggest alternatives. If the domain becomes unavailable after selection but before registration, we'll notify you and either propose another domain or refund any relevant fees. (c) We can't guarantee the availability of your preferred domains. Any actions taken before official registration, like publicizing the domain, are at your own risk. (d) Promptly inform us about: (i) Changes to domain registration details, like contact info. (ii) Any domain-related claims or disputes. (e) Domains will renew automatically annually unless you cancel or transfer ownership. (f) We're not liable for issues arising from non-renewal after you've canceled or transferred your domain. (g) When registering or renewing, you acknowledge we're acting on your behalf and you agree to the terms of the respective Registry. (h) For domain transfers between Registries, assist as required. (i) We might act as a reseller for Tucows Domains Inc. ("Tucows"). You need to follow the terms of the relevant Registry and the Master Domain Registration Agreement ("MDR"). (j) We suggest reviewing ICANN's policies for a better understanding of your rights and responsibilities. (k) You authorize Tucows to approve any Change of Registrant for you. (l) This section applies only if we provide the domain. If you procure the domain elsewhere, you're responsible for its management and fees.

13. Beta Services (a) This section covers if we provide you with a service labeled as "Beta", "Alpha", "Experimental", etc. ("Beta Services"). (b) Beta Services come without guarantees. Use them at your own risk. (c) We can alter or discontinue Beta Services anytime without liability. (d) Our general Terms apply to Beta Services, excluding paragraph 4(b).

14. Free Services (a) This concerns services we offer free of charge, excluding Beta Services. (b) Free Services come without guarantees. Use them at your own risk. (c) We can change or end Free Services at any time without liability. (d) Our general Terms apply to Free Services, but paragraphs 8 and 9 don't. (e) By using Free Services, you consent to participate in our feedback surveys. We can use your feedback for marketing purposes.

15. Intellectual Property Rights (a) We own or have the right to use all intellectual property in our Services. We can collect and own aggregated usage data. (b) After service cancellation, and if fully paid, you can use any written material we made for you. (c) You confirm ownership or rights to use your content's intellectual property. We can notify third parties if we believe there's a claim against your content.

16. Your Rights Granted to Us (a) You grant us the right to use your content and data for service-related, promotional, and internal purposes. (b) By requesting a website scrape, you authorize us and confirm your rights to the content. We aren't liable for third-party intellectual property claims related to scraped content. (c) We can transfer the rights you grant us.

17. Data and Privacy (a) You own all rights to your data and must ensure its quality and legality. (b) Ensure your use of our Services complies with data protection and privacy laws. (c) We own rights to our data and decide its use. You can't disclose or misuse our data. (d) We can access information provided through our communication channels. Review our Privacy Policy for details.

18. Confidentiality (a) You might access non-public information about us ("Confidential Information"). Keep this information confidential. (b) Only allow access to those directly involved in our Agreement. (c) This doesn't apply to public information or info you knew prior. (d) Report any unauthorized use or disclosure of our Confidential Information immediately.

19. Limitations on Our Liability

(a) We're fully responsible in cases of fraud, death, or injury due to our actions or inactions.

(b) Barring the above, we (or our representatives) aren't liable for losses like:

  • Data corruption or loss.
  • Missed business opportunities or expected savings.
  • Lost profits, sales, business, or goodwill.
  • Any unforeseen losses during the Agreement's creation.

(c) We'll only cover predictable losses from us not adhering to these Terms.

(d) We aren't liable for any issues related to Beta or Free Services.

(e) Our financial liability is capped at the total Fees you paid over the last six months. Our Representatives aren't responsible for service delivery issues, barring 20(a).

(f) We don’t guarantee the Services, and any implied promises are excluded. Your choice to decide their suitability and we aren't accountable for their outcomes.

(g) We're not responsible for user-generated content or any potential harm from it.


20. About Cancellations

Cancellation by You:

(a) Call 855-508-6873 (Mon-Fri, 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Central Time) to cancel your contract. Depending on the Service's timing, pro-rated refunds might apply.

During your Minimum Contract Term, cancellations are not allowed unless you give us a written 30-day notice which also requires a two-month buy-out where we continue to do work for you for those last two months of service.

(b) For online orders, you get a 5-day review. Cancel within this window for a full refund.

Cancellation by Us:

(c) We can cancel at any time and will notify you. If mid-month, pro-rated refunds might apply.

(d) Immediate cancellations occur if you:

  • Delay payments.
  • Breach legal obligations or this Agreement.
  • Become insolvent or similar.

(e) Suspensions under 21(d) remain until resolved or cancellation occurs.

(f) Future service refusals might follow 21(d) suspensions or cancellations.

21. Post-Cancellation

(a) Post-cancellation, service access ends.

(b) We don't store your data after cancellation. Backup is your responsibility.

(c) We’re not liable for post-cancellation losses.

22. Ethical Conduct

(a) Comply with all anti-corruption laws.

(b) Report any ethical breaches to us immediately.

(c) Breaches allow us to terminate the Agreement and may lead to compensations.

23. Confirming Agreement Authority

(a) You confirm:

  • You're authorized to sign this Agreement.
  • You're above 18.

24. Additional Terms

(a) Each clause stands alone. If one's invalid, others remain.

(b) We might transfer our rights to another entity and will notify you.

(c) Only you and us can enforce this Agreement's terms.

(d) Signing means you commit to all terms, including payments.

(e) Delayed right enforcement on our end doesn’t waive those rights.

(f) Written references include emails.

(g) This Agreement supersedes previous communications and represents our complete understanding.

(h) Sales reps can't modify this Agreement.

(i) Our relationship is purely contractual.

(j) This Agreement follows the laws of your business's primary state.

(k) In any related legal matter, both parties waive rights to group litigations and jury trials.