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About Rocket Digital

Rocket Digital is a Marketing Agency offering boutique marketing solutions for small-large businesses, including branding, graphic design, logo design, social media management, search engine optimization, WordPress design and development, E-commerce website design and management as well as marketing strategies for growing companies. Every time we are given a new marketing challenge, we look at it as a new adventure, one that awaits discovery through a new lens.

There was a reason we chose the name Rocket Digital

Every day we see online technology ever-changing and there is an abundance of solutions that can help both small to large businesses grow their reach. With marketing nowadays, you have to be able to come up with a solid plan from start to launch so that you know where you are going as well as your trajectory.

We have helped numerous entrepreneurs, bloggers, start-ups, small businesses, enterprise businesses, and brands maintain and grow their web presence, increase sales, generate leads or better educate/inform their target audiences.

Here at Rocket Digital, we look at strategic planning with our clients to get them more and more digital reach on a monthly basis. This brings our clients more engagement on a monthly basis and distinguishes us from a million others. There is an abundance of business out there for the taking, but knowing the tactics and knowing your business as well as the ideal customer you want to reach is so important!

Why Choose Us ?

Here at Rocket Digital, we like to dig deep into your business and learn more about your goals and your customer's needs. This helps us to discover and process goals and a plan of attack for a successful marketing strategy for your business.

Our Process…

We strive for excellence in our marketing approaches and we start with a client discovery that helps us to do just that. We want to see your marketing work well for you and your customers convert, it's key to a successful business strategy.

Commitment to You

We are always committed to helping our clients both past and present. We want to help all of them to be successful and give them advice that is direct and in the interests of both their business and it's growth.

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Our Digital Marketing Services

Our agency is focused on solutions that will help your business rocket to new heights on a monthly basis. We just don't build websites and then let them sit in outer space. Like any good digital marketing agency, we work with our clients on a monthly basis to get returned results for them. We like to consider ourselves your shuttle crew to get you from one planet to the next and we help build rockets along the way to help your business that will reach far into the galaxy of marketing.

Website Design and Development – We have been working with WordPress as a content management system for over 12 years. We focus on building premium WordPress Websites that are interactive and drive business results. This is why when we build sites we work in a plan to help your business for at least 6 months after to help grow your online presence and drive monthly results so you will continually get value from your website.

WordPress Support & Maintenance - We work with our clients on a monthly basis to add content to their websites that help keep their users engaged and coming back. After the launch of your website, we have monthly WordPress Support Packages that are available through our business WP Site Butler to help you with updates regularly on your website.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Our Local SEO Agency Rank for Local can help you improve your monthly rankings as we work with your business on a monthly to rank for our SEO services, we implement a variety of tactics to help increase your web presence to bring in more customers to your website. Some of the tactics we specialize in as part of our SEO services include:

  • Content creation
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Premium Link building
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Local Business Citations
  • PR Outreach

Social Media Marketing – These days if your business isn't increasing it's brand’s visibility online then you are missing out on a larger audience and connections. It's so important especially if you are a newer business, to establish a strong social media presence as this will help you improve your brand awareness. Our Social Media packages are custom to fit your growth and we build content calendars that will help drive awareness and promotions that will drive customers to your business. Check out our packages on our Social Media Marketing Agency Lift Social. Our packages include graphic design, posts, scheduled content, and a monthly promotional calendar.

our team

Each one of our team members play an important role in our marketing work and
without them we wouldn't be the marketing agency that we are.

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