Marketing Scholarship

At Rocket Digital we want to help future design students that are interested in Marketing with a yearly scholarship.
We definitely understand the value of education and helping future marketers with getting a headstart.
This scholarship will be for $500 per year awarded to two students who attend any college in the marketing field.

We hope that with this Scholarship Program we can help a student grow
into an amazing and talented website design professional.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for the Rocket Digital Scholarship Award, the applicant must be attending an accredited Community College, Online College, or University in the United States during the fall and spring semesters. The winner will be asked to provide documentation and school schedule along with classes.


All applicants must complete the form below by the first of June of every year for the Fall Semester the first of December for the Spring Semester. These scholarships recur every year.

Scholarship Value

$500 (Four Scholarships Available Each Year)

Application Process

Write an article of 1000+ words around any of the following topics.
Marketing Help for Small Businesses, Marketing Software Walkthrough, Marketing Insight, Web Design (General), Web Design Tool, WordPress Design, WordPress Framework, Plugin or Theme

  • Write an article of 1000+ words around any of the following topics.
  • Your article needs to contain a minimum of 2 links to authoritative sources relative to marketing.
  • The article should include images around the article content (software, design tool, plugin, theme).
  • The article will be featured on our blog if we feel it's of great content and you will receive a link.
  • Fill out the form below to submit your article, once we have reviewed it we will add you to our scholarship giveaway.
  • All entries are drawn through electronic software and are not controlled by the article you write.