4 Practical and Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your New Online Store

It would be hard to sell anything without driving traffic to your new online store.  Quality traffic is crucial to your online store’s success.  The wrong customers are not going to purchase your product, and there’s no point attracting them. Identify what factors make your target audience get interested and curious about your products. Study their behavior and use that knowledge to your advantage.  It’s not as hard as it sounds. You just have to follow these proven ways to attract more traffic to your online store.

1. Active Social Media Presence

Get the most out of your social media tactics to drive free traffic to your store by providing valuable content consistently.  Remember to grow your target audience.  Share relevant information which would reflect your target audience’s interests.  Create a strong presence on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other online platforms to build your social networks.

2. Live Chat Option

This is an excellent way to attract traffic and improve conversions. Providing a live chat option is better than emails, support tickets or other support channels.  A one on one chat helps you understand your site visitor’s needs better and builds trust at the same time.  This also allows you to convert your site visitors into customers.  Example: A visitor is asking about SEO in Santa Rosa, you can immediately convince them to try your services.

3. Online Collaboration with Similar Audiences

Collaborating with other people in your industry is a proven way to get more traffic to your online store.  You are not only tapping into their network but also reaching out to new audiences.  Do collaborate with those who are attracting your target audience instead of collaborating randomly.  Reach out to bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and other influential online entities.


  • Focus on offering value and being genuine.
  • Collaborate with someone who can affect your reputation in a positive way.

Be aware of the engagement level.  Choose carefully and make sure they command a lot of attention. Detailed info here.

4. Send Out Promotional E-mails

Make use of your subscriber list by sending out promotional e-mails.  It has been proven that repeat customers spend 67% more on average compared to new customers. Promotional e-mails encourage loyalty and keep the customers coming back to your online store.  They get the impression that they are in on something special before anyone else.  Give them a reason to buy more.

E-commerce is continuing to grow and the competition is getting more intense.  You need to keep up with your competitors.   The modern consumer is faced with many online choices and you need to attract their attention. They will easily leave your online store if they think that you’re unworthy of their time and effort.  Give them a reason to stay longer and maybe even buy from your online store. Study their behavior and use that knowledge to your advantage.  Know their needs and wants and find ways to satisfy them.  Make them feel that they can always rely on you to give them what they need or want.