6 East Steps To Revamp Your Local SEO in 2020


Smaller businesses need to work on improving their local SEO to better promote their products and services online. Unlike national SEO which is more focused on ranking in nationwide searches, local SEO aims to appear on SERPs in a definite location. This technique relies on promoting your brand, services, and products to local consumers and leads. These are some easy tips that will improve your local SEO in 2020.

On-Site SEO

Attract website visits and search engines to your physical business site by ensuring that your website has distinct location factors. Enhance your webpage just as you would for national SEO tactics, but emphasize on your business contact information, city, state, and business hours. Incorporate Local Business Schema data to boost your local landing pages as well and add links to locations specific local pages by embedding a Google Map.

Lock Your Brand

A lot of people neglect to create a foundation and securing their brand. If you fail to rank for every possible search phrase associated with your company name, then you won’t be able to target keywords that can promote your business.

Analytic Tools

Several SEO tools are available on the market like Ahrefs and Semrush which enables you to analyze and measure the SEO performance of your site. Such tools will allow you to monitor the keywords you rank for, a few backlinks, and how your competitors are putting our content.

Include Your Location In Your Content

When writing content for your webpage make sure you include your business phone number (with local area code), and address but also talk about being in your location. Write effortlessly and with relevance but ensure you include your place name on both the home page, about us page, and contact page to obtain relevancy for your local area. Identify the keywords you want to rank for like Plastic Surgeon Scottsdale, AZ or Dentist in Phoenix, AZ when writing content in these keywords in headings throughout your content.

Local Schema Markup

Shema markup – also know as Structured data markup helps identify and categorize vital information on your website, offering more content that Google crawlers can find about your company. It shows data such as business hours, product prices $$$, event information, and reviews. It allows Google to show more information in the search result pages, which will give your business a competitive advantage and more visibility online.

Local Listing Pages/Directories

Local media and newspapers often have a local business listing page and it usually has a free section that allows you to link to your site and boost your local presence. You can also talk to their business editor and ask if they are open to writing an article featuring your business.

A more focused local strategy enables you to effectively compete against huge brands that depend on brand recognition and optimize for broader keywords to gain traffic. This local online marketing industry is constantly evolving. White hat methods, hard work, and adapting to new strategies will lead to favorable results in 2020.